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The 29 and 31 Chapters Versions of the Suvarṇaprabhā Sottama Sūtra

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The Sūtra of Golden Light:

The 29 Chapter Version (Suvarṇaprabhā Sottama Sūtra)

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1) Chapter 1: The Preamble
2) Chapter 2: The Teaching on the Lifespan of the Tathāgata
3) Chapter 7: The Praise to All Dominions of the Perfectly Complete Buddhas Who Arise Throughout the Past, Future and Present
4) Chapter 8: The Dhāraṇī Called ‘Golden’
5) Chapter 9: Voidness
6) Chapter 11: The Meticulous Observation of Gods and Humans by the Four Great Kings
7) Chapter 13: The Dhāraṇī of Non-Attachment
8) Chapter 14: The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel Dhāraṇī
9) Chapter 16: The Goddess Śrī
10) Chapter 17: Vast Increase in Wealth by the Great Goddess Śrī
11) Chapter 18: The Earth Goddess, Dṛḍhā
12) Chapter 19: The Lord of Yakṣas, Samjñāya
13) Chapter 21: Excellent Manifestation
14) Chapter 27: The Praise by All Bodhisattvas
15) Chapter 28: The Praise to All Tathāgatas